10% Tuesday Shop Planning – How you can save money on items with coupons or NO coupons

custappreciationI plan each month to do the bulk of my grocery shopping on 10% Tuesday at Sobeys.  Why?

The first Tuesday of the month is often Customer Appreciation day at stores like Sobeys, and Safeway etc.  What happens is that they take 10% off of your entire bill BEFORE they even use your coupons. Isn’t that great? You must spend a minimum of 35.00 before you can get 10% off.

So this is an awesome time to use any Free product coupons you may have. Not only that but if you shop at Sobeys you will accumulate the Sobeys points.

The Sobeys point program is a little similar to the Shoppers Drug Mart point program in which the more points you have the more of a dollar value they are worth.

What is the optimal amount of points? When should I save my Sobeys points and when should I save them?

“The Club Sobeys points can be redeemed in $5 increments up to $500.  The value of redemption increases when you cash in larger point totals. However, after a certain point, it’s not worth waiting any more.

The optimal point value for cash is 3750, which will provide you with $30 at Sobeys.
That’s 125 points / $1. Anything point value higher than that is still 125 points / $1. Anything less than that is not worth it.

Keeping this points / dollar ratio in mind, the rewards on the website are not worth it. The rewards that come closest in value are the $50 gift cards, however, they are still short $2 in value for the amount of points it costs.

Similarly, converting to Aeroplan miles doesn’t come close in the return for points, in comparison to accumulating Aeroplan points through other programs or purchasing additional Aeroplan points directly.

So that’s it, ladies and gentlemen. 3750. Anything else would be silly so don’t do it.”

–Quoted directly: from http://www.saveland.ca/forum/CANADIAN-DEALS-AND-COUPONS/Deals-and-Flyers-Discussion/When-to-Cash-In-your-Club-Sobeys-Points-247-1.html

Leigh, another Manitoba Coupon Maven likes to save up her Sobeys points until the end of the year and then use them to redeem food items towards her family Christmas dinner. It’s a great idea because it takes a time of the year where your budget is already stretched and creates a little extra wiggle room.

How should I go about planning a 10% Tuesday Shop at Sobeys?

What I do is sit down with the flyer and create a shopping list. You’ll need a game plan!  First off you need to take into account your budget and what you actually will need for the month.   I always buy 2 4L jugs of milk because I know that we go through at least 3 4L jugs in a months period.  Unless I can get milk somewhere else cheaper with a coupon of course!

There are a lot of items you can’t really coupon for. Deli products, products there just are no coupons for, meats, and produce items, bakery items.

This is the time to sit down and decide what you’ll need. My fridge is always well stuffed but I think that the 10% discount is worth it.  You can also check the flyer to see what kinds of promotions are happening regarding their Sobeys points.  Sometimes if you buy multiples of the same item you get a bonus point allotment. These points can add up.

Save your FPC’s (free product coupons) each month. You’ll get the Sobeys points for the dollar value of the item and 10% off in addition to the full price. This will help to reduce your cost on the rest of your groceries.  And don’t forget to shop the sales. It’s always the best to try and buy items when they’re at their lowest price and with a coupon if possible.

When is it just not worth it to buy it on customer appreciation day?

It’s not worth it to buy an item on Customer appreciation day at Sobeys when you can purchase that same item elsewhere cheaper than the regular price at Sobeys minus 10% off.

For example. If a can of tomatoes costs 1.75 at Sobeys on customer appreciation day and the 10% off of that item doesn’t make it cheaper than another stores sale or regular then you know you should AVOID buying that item.  Part of becoming a smart shopper is knowing what a good price is.

I hope these little tips help to stretch your budget even farther. Happy shopping, Happy Saving!

Michelle Roy


2 thoughts on “10% Tuesday Shop Planning – How you can save money on items with coupons or NO coupons

  1. Angie

    Also, at Sobeys Pharmacy the first perscription you fill you get 500 points and everyone you fill after that is 50 points per prescription. They also offer FREE pre-natal vitamins for 1 year, (you don’t have to be pregnant either) you fill it monthly and get to collect 50 points every time.


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