12 Commandments of Couponing – Rules Couponers Should take to heart

couponjail1) Do not take more tear pads than you personally can use.
Why?  Because others will be unable to find them and it’s SO frustrating to find an empty tear pad when you’re looking for them. Don’t you agree?

2)Don’t clear shelves of all their products.
Why? Because the little old lady who gets out to the store once a week to pick up her groceries will be unable to find her – whatever you just hoarded into your cart.

3) Do not steal inserts out of newspapers.
Why? Because it’s illegal and you could wind up in a lot of trouble – or worse in “don’t drop the soap” kind of jail!

4)Do not steal peelies off products.
Why? Because they’re typically meant to be for the customers purchasing the item they’re on.

5)Do not photocopy or change or alter printable coupons.
Why? Because it’s fraudulent. Another act that could get you into a lot of trouble – or worse in “don’t drop the soap” kind of jail!

6)Do not SELL or BUY coupons.
Why?  If you buy or sell coupons you are supporting people creating a market for paper coupons that were intended by the manufacturers to reach their customer for FREE. Even though you possess coupons they are actually still the property of the company that printed them. Think of it that way.  Have a hard time getting inserts or coupons?  Get trading online with the coupon community. There is no excuse for buying or selling coupons.

7)Do not sell or buy items that have been couponed for.
Why?  This is generally taking advantage of people.  If you are buying items a low price and reselling them after couponing for the items you could also get in trouble for selling items and not claiming it on your taxes. By doing this you have a business.  Also many of the coupons that come out in this day and age state that not do they have no cash value but that they aren’t intended for resale.  The more that people take advantage of coupons the worse it reflects on couponers as a whole.

8)Do not be abusive to staff.
Why? Do you ever wonder why your cashier looks like he or she is about to implode.  It’s likely because they’ve spent the entire day at the registered being mentally and verbally tortured by customers who haven’t been polite. Or maybe they’re just having a bad day.  Anyways – They’re not getting paid enough to deal with people who are being jerks.  Be nice.  Niceness is often repaid. Think Karma.

9)Do not leave coupon garbage in the stores.
Why?  Because it’s a filthy habit and it seems like many people don’t care about their environment or cleanliness any longer.  Don’t litter in the store.  Keep things clean for the other customers and the staff who have to pick up after slobs.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen coupon garbage expired and crumpled up on the back of a shelf, on the floor, or even left in a cart.  Gross.

10)Do not caravan coupon.
Why? Does your store have limits? Don’t abuse it.  If you’re only allowed to stack at London Drugs on two products a day don’t take your entire family to get their limits.  Don’t take advantage please! We really don’t want the program to come to an end.

11)Do not waste coupons.
Why?  Because most people don’t know how great coupons are. It’s up to you to be a good Samaritan and pass along the ones you won’t use.  Trade them away. Make someones day and give them some out of your binder. Appease the impatient behind you in line by saving them some moolah.  Did your cashier just comment on how she likes the coupon you used? Give her some.  Grease the palms, pay it forward. Coupon fairy your unusable coupons by leaving them neatly on the shelf or taped to the product.

12)Do not succumb to the coupon drama.
Why? The couponing world is sometimes an over dramatic place filled with opinions and feelings and emotions mixed with money, women and men an families and all sorts of types.  Don’t let yourself get sucked in.  Don’t take things personally. Be open to different ways of thinking.  It can eat you alive sometimes if you let it.  Finding yourself stressed out?  Disappear off the coupon radar for a few days of R&R before you explode verbally online somewhere.

Did I miss anything?  Give us your tips here!

3 thoughts on “12 Commandments of Couponing – Rules Couponers Should take to heart

  1. Asheley Frost

    Now if only the couponers around here would follow these rules. I always find empty tear pads :( or completely empty shelves.


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