50% off everything at J Mackenzie Fashions


I was really sad to hear that J Mackenzie Fashions would be closing. I did a blog review on Manitoba Gems for them earlier when I visited their shop this spring.  It’s a great time to get some plus sized fashions at 50% off as they are closing out and have clearanced everything in the store.  Make sure you stop in before the end of the week to get some of these fabulous deals. They had jeans, jean shorts, scarves, purses, lots of dresses, and business wear left for sale in their shop.

Here is the dress I purchased there at 50% off.  It’s pink and brown and tie dyed and makes me feel like a yummy Neapolitan ice cream cone.  The dress cost about 35.00 and the black purse is from Target and cost 34.99.  The pink ice cream cone earrings were free because I made them myself out of silver ear hooks and charms I had previously collected.  The bike necklace was made by me. I purchased the bike as a pin at at thrift store for a couple of bucks and then affixed it to a chain myself.  Really cost effective way to make your own unique jewelry.

Forgive my weird bedroom mirror shots. I really need to find a better place to have pictures of my outfits taken!


Another thing I can’t live without is a couple of pairs of really great black stretchy leggings. They’re great to add under a long shirt, skirt or dress when the weather is cool.  A must have in Manitoba.

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