nformat.aspxAs a Corporate policy for Sobeys West, please see the following guidelines below.

Sobeys West locations include: All of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Ontario; Red Lake Sobeys & Dryden IGA only. British Columbia; Chetwyn IGA, Fort Nelson IGA, Fort St. John Sobeys, Golden Sobeys & Invermere Sobeys only.

Vendor Coupons

  • Coupons are issued by some companies as a rebate on their products and should be treated as a form of tender media.
  • Coupons should be claimed anytime before the transaction is finished.
  • One coupon only can be used against each item purchased.
  • No reproductions/ photocopies of vendor coupons.
  • Coupon cannot be redeemed against a free item.
  • Coupon amount can exceed the retail value of the item and ‘cash back’ can be given or the extra amount can be applied against the remainder of the customer’s order.
  • Verify the following on all coupons
    • Expiration date
    • Mailing address must be in Canada
  • One of the following inscriptions should appear
    • To the merchant
    • To the retailer
    • To the franchise
    • To the dealer
  • Cannot be a ‘Mailing coupon’ – to be mailed in by the Customers

Internet Coupons

  • Same guidelines as vendor coupons
  • Have a valid product name
  • They are acceptable in black, white and in color
  • Can be buy one, get one free coupons
  • Have a Canadian remittance/redemption address (e.g. P.O. Box 3000 Saint John, NB)
  • Have a valid expiry date
  • Limited to one coupon per item purchased
  • Will not be accepted for free product, but will be accepted for BOGO
  • Are acceptable in black & white and color
  • Must not be blurry
  • Must have a UPC
  • Redemption value per coupon cap $25

Competitor Coupons

  • We do not accept competitor coupons

Club Sobeys Coupons

  • Club Sobeys bonus coupons are to be accepted in colour and/or in black and white. This applies to email exclusives, direct mail, and quarterly statements.
  • All Club Sobeys bonus coupons must contain a plu or a scan able barcode to be considered legitimate.
  • Sobeys/Club Sobeys mobile coupons to be accepted upon verification of plu by the cashier on the customer’s handheld device.
  • The coupons must meet all printed terms and conditions to be accepted.
  • All Club Sobeys coupons state in the legal that they can only be used for ‘one item per transaction per customer.
  • We also comply with the vendor coupon restrictions. (e.g. One coupon per product per purchase, one coupon per product etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: We encourage all customers to visit this portion of our website regularly to verify any updates that may be made to our coupon policy.

Last updated: May, 2012

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