Best Sleep Centre $100,000 Flyer Giveaway


Best Sleep Centre $100,000 Flyer Giveaway

Ten draws to win $10,000 in furniture!

How to participate:

  • Flyers will be distributed in Manitoba. KEEP your Best Sleep Centre flyer. DON’T RECYCLE!
  • Subscribe to the contest calendar (below) to be automatically reminded of every draw.
  • Register your flyer ticket number here and win a massage chair or $1000 increase in prize value.
  • Cross your fingers and wait! Monthly draw dates listed below.

More contest rules and details here.

Contest dates

  • March 31/2013
  • April 30/2013
  • May 31/2013
  • June 30/2013
  • July 31/2013
  • August 31/2013
  • September 30/2013
  • October 31/2013
  • November 30/2013
  • December 11/2013 – up to 20,000 in potential winnings on this date. Details here.

Remember:  This flyer is your free lottery ticket possibly worth $10,000. Hang onto it until December!
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One thought on “Best Sleep Centre $100,000 Flyer Giveaway

  1. Patricia Choma

    Our granddaughter is excited about the contest as she has picked out what she wants if we win because her mom and dad got their mattress from the sleep centre and she claims it is the best, not like the one she sleeps on!


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