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Getting crafty on the cheap!

Here is today’s craft project with my son.  I try to do crafts with him that we can both appreciate. He love to play with this clay purchased at our local Dollar store Dollarama.  I believe the clay was a buck a pack and honestly has been kept in a drawer for years and is [...]

Making my own style of dream catcher

I often find amazing ideas on pinterest and get inspired to try them myself but with my own twist. The boost in inspiration and motivation is welcomed when I find myself in creative rut. Here is how I made my dream catcher: You can click on the photo to enlarge it. You will need a [...]

Water Beads – Home activities for Kids

Water Beads – Home activities for Kids

These fun little beads you can purchase off ebay.  Please make sure your kids aren’t eating them and they need to wash their hands after playing. They can be searched out on ebay as Water Beads. You submerge them in water and they grow! Wait a couple hours and they grow to this size! They’re [...]

Have old greeting cards?

I love the bright shiny foils, fun images, beautiful graphics that come on those expensive greeting cards.  I feel pangs of guilt (as a hoarder) to throw them out.  So here is how I like to re purpose cards into something useful and not just throw them away or recycle them. These bookmarks were cut [...]

DIY: Scrabble Tile Drink Coasters

I come across so many nifty ideas on Pinterest and have been keeping in mind what to do with Scrabble Tiles. I was overjoyed to come across two old Scrabble board games at a garage sale last weekend for 1.25 for both.  So I scooped them up and re purposed them into these coasters. I [...]

Dino Dig Portable Sand Box – DIY

Has anyone noticed that the quality of toys has basically dropped out of existence lately?  I’m setting out to really make some nifty things that my son can do.  I chose to make this dino sand box because he really enjoyed playing with the excavation sand box at the Walking with the Dinosaurs museum exhibit [...]