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Newspaper instead of paper towels?

I often run out of paper towels and want to wait until I can get the best possible deal on them again.  I do appreciate having them around the house but they can get expensive (not to mention fill landfills) if you’re not careful about their usage.  Did you know that you can take simple [...]

DIY: Growing Food from Kitchen Scraps

 I have been seeing a lot of blogs doing posts on kitchen scraps and regrowing them from just pieces cut off.  As always I’m pretty skeptical with how these things work or if they’re really worth the time or effort. So I bought two bunches of green onions at my local store and cut off [...]

Save Money Cleaning by Doing it Yourself!

My best cleaning friend is this bucket. I don’t know where it came from or how long I’ve had it. It’s just been part of my household forever.  At my home we have 2 kinds of cloths.  Dish clothes, and cloths that are designated solely for cleaning up really yucky stuff.  RAGS.  You can make [...]

Do It Yourself Iced Coffee

Getting Coffee beverages while you’re out and about on the town is a quick and sure fire way to spend a lot of money on a small thing.  I try and avoid these expensive beverages when I’m out on the go – it adds up quickly!  Coffee does not have to be an expensive item! [...]

Couponing and Convenience Foods

  Something I get told a lot by others who don’t like the idea of couponing is that all the products being sold are of convenience foods that are not cost effective and unhealthy for your family. There is much more to being a couponer than just buying items with coupons. It’s about finding a [...]