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Gluten Intolerance? How to save on your taxes!

Did you know that if you suffer from Celiacs disease you can write off your gluten free food if you have a note from your doctor and keep your receipts? Read the following Government of Canada document to learn more: Quoted from, “” Gluten-free products Incremental cost of Gluten-free (GF) products, an eligible medical expense. [...]

Delicious Summer Pasta Salad!

This cold pasta salad is always a delicious summer treat.  You start off with a box of multi coloured Fusilli pasta.  Cook it up and then rinse and strain it – let it cool.  Get yourself a pack of Club House “Pasta Salad” spice mix.  You use the packet of spices with 1/2 cup veggie [...]

Homemade KFC Bowl and

Home Made KFC Chicken bowl   I cheaped out and used chicken nuggets but you could use chicken breast and avoid the breading.  Fresh corn on the cob I threw into the potato pot after they were done cooking.  Also used Kraft cheese on top.  Salt and pepper, HEAVEN. The only thing that could have [...]

Rhubarb Crisp

I love Rhubarb. I love that it grows like a weed and that most people get sick of it and want to just simply give it away. We live in an apartment and the neighbor on the other side of the building had two HUGE un touched Rhubarb plants basically the size of a small [...]

Getting down with the HEALTHY lunches

My husband has a bad habit.  He heads to work without having packed a lunch and then gets hungry and falls victim to the UNPREPARED syndrome – spending money on lunches and take out foods. Not only can this behavior quickly kill your extra income – but eating take out food is most definitely not [...]

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Making your cupcakes in ice cream cones is a really great way to have young kids eat cupcakes because there is no wrapper to peel off. I recently made about 90 of these for several classes of nursery school kids and wanted to share the idea with you because they’re pretty cheap and tasty to [...]

Apple Fritter Cake

I made this for Mother’s Day this year and it was a hit. Even my mom who isn’t a dessert person liked it.   I wish I had remembered to put the apple sauce in the batter but even with out it, it was still a great cake.         Ingredients Filling:   1  [...]