Contesting: What is it and why you should participate?

What is Contesting?horseshoe

Contesting is the act of seeking out and finding as many contests as you can on the internet and entering them all.

Why should I be participating?

Contesting is one of the fastest growing parts of “couponing” because your odds of winning a contest online are much better than winning the lottery simply because most people can’t be bothered to take the time to enter them.

Companies are looking for ways to promote their products and often they give away some really awesome prizes to their customers who are paying attention, participate in their online communities like on their Facebook pages or on their website.

One time Entry
This means that you are only able to enter the contest once.

Daily Entry
This means that you are able to enter the contest each day to maximize your chances of being drawn.

Like and Share
A lot of Facebook companies and groups run like and share contests with a picture (often of what the prize is).  It’s a way for them to increase their membership on their page and at the same time give away an a prize.

Sometimes in contests they give you a referral code. If you can convince your friends or family to sign up for the contest with your link you in turn will gain an additional entry into the contest increasing your chances of winning. Be careful with this kind of contest. Referral contests can often be a nuisance in groups and on pages where everyone is trying to get others to sign up with their user names. Not all groups allow this kind of post on their page.

Rafflecopter is a application that allows businesses and Facebook pages to easily host and run a contest giveaway.  You will have to fill out and do several things in order to potentially gain multiple entries into the contest.  Follow the instructions for each contest.

Join Contesting Communities
Joining a community to get the information to enter a mass amount of contests in one convenient place is just as important as joining coupon community to learn about where to begin finding deals in your own area. Here is one that is a sister group to For the Love of Coupons.  It’s called For the Love of Contests and can be found on facebook here:


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