Acronyms and Definitions

FPC – Free Product Coupon SDM – Shoppers Drug Mart
WYB/WUB – When you buy RAOK – Random Act of Kindness
J&J –  Johnson and Johnson WM – Walmart
OOP – Out of Pocket CSM – Customer service manager
LD – London drugs SOF – Save on foods
ISO – in search of BUMP – Bring up my post
PIF – Pay it forward GC – Gift Card
EXP – expiry SS – Superstore
BOGO – Buy one get one RRLF – Really really looking for
P&G – Proctor & Gamble SASE – Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
Envie – Envelope SCOP – Scanning code of practice
MFP – Manufacturer TP – tear pad
PK – pack Reg – regular
Asst – Assorted AM – Air miles
CZ – coupon zone RCSS – Real Canadian Super Store
SYB – Share your breakfast PM – price match


Coupon Dictionary

Catalina Machine Coupons or receipt tape coupons – Coupons printed on the back of the receipts.

SCOP – The Scanning Code of Practice$file/ct02381e.pdf

If the scanned price of a non-price item is higher than the shelf price or any other displayed price, the customer is entitled to receive the first item free, up to a $10 maximum.  Only certain stores subscribe to this policy.

Bump – Used in context of internet posts a “bump” helps to raise a comment thread or post back up where it can be viewed easily in the most recent posts.

Blinkie – A machine that issues coupons.  It takes a few minutes for the machine to issue another thus in an attempt to limit how many each customer can take.

Rain check – A slip issued by the store when a sale item is not in stock.  When the item comes in stock they call you and you can pick it up for the price they offered during the sale.  Not all stores offer rain checks, check with customer service.

Stacking – Combining multiple coupons of different bar codes to bring the price down on a single product.

Hang tag – An advertisement hung on a door knob of your home, sometimes has coupons

Pay it forward – When someone does something beneficial for you and expects nothing in return but for you to return the favor by doing something nice for someone else.  Paying a favor with giving someone else a favor.

Tear Pad – The paper coupons on pads at the grocery store available to the public

Store Coupon – A coupon offered by the store for a discount on a product (not by the manufacturer) Often you can use a store coupon in combination with a manufacturers coupon to save extra money

Transaction – You’re whole check out order.  Everything on one receipt for example is a transaction.

Per purchase – Per item you are buying

Coupon Fairying – the act of giving out free coupons to people in stores or putting extra coupons on the shelves along with the product for others to find

Price Matching – Bringing another stores flyer or coupons to a store that price matches in order to get the lowest sale price possible.  Stores that do this are Walmart, London Drugs, Target and Giant tiger.

Red Plum – A coupon insert publication that is released on set dates often in the fliers delivered door to door.

Smart Source – A coupon insert publication that is released on set dates often in the fliers delivered door to door and also in the weekend newspapers.

Brandsaver – A coupon insert publication released b Proctor and Gamble containing coupons on the products they make.  Released in the fliers, and in the weekend newspapers and also via mail outs on their website.

Caravan Couponers – A couponer who will grab all of their family members and friends to be able to get by limits imposed on couponers.

Peelie – A plastic sticker on the product that offers savings when you buy it now.

Overage – Using a coupon that has more value than the price of the item being purchased. At certain companies where

Out of Pocket – the total amount of money paid out of your pocket at the end of the trasnaction (after your coupons, gift certificates etc)

Proctor & Gamble – Often known as P&G – they are a company that makes products such as Tide, Crest, Pampers, Gilette just to name a few.

Unilever –
A company that makes products such as Dove, Knorr, Axe, Clear etc.