Couponing Morals, Ethics, and Manners

Do not clear a shelf of all products.  This is a major pet peeve of customers who pay full price for items when they shop.  If you can’t get enough of a deal speak with the store about special ordering something in for the price you want.  You never know – it may be possible.

Do not take peelies off products before purchasing them. These are generally reserved for the customer who is purchasing the product the peelie on.

Do not ever sell coupons / do not ever buy coupons
Never support the people who sell coupons. The reason behind this is that by purchasing these coupons you are encouraging them to take tear pads from stores so that they can profit for them.  By selling coupons you are taking them away from the public and creating a cash market for paper coupons.  The coupons are actually property of the manufacturer even though you have been offered them via the stores.

Do not ever purchase items with coupons with the intention for resale
Again, the manufacturer is offering you a special deal with this coupon for the consumption of that item FOR PERSONAL USE.  When buying an item in bulk with coupons for the intention of resale is fraudulent use of the coupon and is not what the manufacturer intended.

Only take as many coupons as you can use. Please leave some for others too!  It is a huge pet peeve of couponers to get to an empty tear pad at the store.

Be polite.  Hold your tongue when you receive rude comments from cashiers or impatient customers behind you.  Sometimes others can find couponers annoying because the process of checking out with coupons can take a longer amount of time. If there are people behind you with few items – allow them to check out ahead of you. This will reduce your stress, the cahiers stress, and the other customers stress.


The stores do not have to accept your coupons if you’re going to treat staff disrespectfully speak rudely or abuse the rules of the coupons.  Many stores do not offer guidelines to their coupon policies simply because these days there is often rampant abuse of coupon use.  They can change their policy at any time to suit their company so make sure you’re not taking advantage of others.

Protect yourself.  Know that stores are paid well to accept coupons.  They are reimbursed by the manufacturer for the value of the coupon as well as the cost of postage for mailing the coupons to the manufacturer.  So realize that there is no money coming out of the pocket of the store you are shopping at because you are using coupons.  Do not let stores and staff treat you like you are a second rate customer because of coupon use.

Leave the drama behind.

Dabble between coupon secrecy and sharing.  If too many people find out about the amazing deals to be had from couponing and abuse this privilege there is a very good chance that there will be less offers and deals from stores and manufacturers.  But still share the good news with people who can really use the help saving their money.

Pass on a coupon when you see someone can use it.  There are opportunities in our everyday lives to do random acts of kindness for friends and family and even strangers.  There is nothing that gives me a better feeling that to offer someone a coupon for something in their cart or basket and see them smile.  Karma will smile upon you.  And if they are not interested – don’t worry they’ll let you know.

If there is a problem and the cashier looks confused about your coupons encourage them to call someone who knows what to do!  If they are refusing to help you with a coupon or do not understand the rules on the coupon have them call up a manager – or ask to speak to the manager directly.  Cashiers are notoriously poorly trained these days.