One thought on “Coupon Nostalgia – Eagle Brand Products

  1. Shirl

    I also own a lot of very old “vintage” coupons. Recently I actually used an Oldie and a Newbie coupons for 2 same products – Minute Maid frozen juice. They were both valid, but the old one has minimal rules on it and it would’ve been from around the late 70’s early 80’s era. The newer one was for $1.00, the old one was for $0.18. Today $0.18 is hardly anything, but in those days the cashier and I both thought it would’ve been more equal to either $0.75 or closer to a $1.00 in today’s currency. But we took both and for 2 cans at $1.00 each, I ended up getting 2 cans for $1.18, so $0.59 cents a can. Not free, but not bad.


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