Dino Dig Portable Sand Box – DIY

Has anyone noticed that the quality of toys has basically dropped out of existence lately?  I’m setting out to really make some nifty things that my son can do.  I chose to make this dino sand box because he really enjoyed playing with the excavation sand box at the Walking with the Dinosaurs museum exhibit earlier this year.

What you’ll need:

1 sturdy Tupperware box WITH lid
1 bag of sand (coloured sand can be purchased at Toys R us for 11.99) or regular cheaper plain sand can be bought at home Depot
Bunch of plastic dinosaurs (my dino skeletons were purchased in a little tube at Michaels Arts and crafts on clearance)
Couple of paint brushes.  I bought mine in a 3pk at Walmart but you can buy yours at the dollar store to save even more money.
Other sandbox accents – some other cool things to put in like gems, rocks, geodes, polished stones, sticks – FUN THINGS TO FIND

Encourage your kids to bury the objects and then use the paintbrushes just like an anthropologist on an archaeological dig site!

041 042

Having a lid for this box is nice too because you can leave it outside and not worry about animals getting into it.  It can be an inside or outside toy – ours is going to be for the outside!

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