DIY: Growing Food from Kitchen Scraps

 I have been seeing a lot of blogs doing posts on kitchen scraps and regrowing them from just pieces cut off.  As always I’m pretty skeptical with how these things work or if they’re really worth the time or effort.

So I bought two bunches of green onions at my local store and cut off most of the immediately edible part and put it in the fridge. The root ends I placed in a clear glass of water and here is what has happened so far.


Here is what happened after only DAY 1! You can see where I made the cut (at the lower light green part of the onion and the regrowth of the onion after ONLY one day.) This really honestly amazed me.  I didn’t know they regrew so fast!


Day 2! Look at them shooting up.  In only two days of sitting in the glass of water the roots are getting so long and the onion is regrowing significantly too!  I am going to replant them into some soil and see if they’ll keep regrowing all summer.  Free food! And also a really great way to show your kids how things grow.


Day 3!

Have you tried regrowing kitchen scraps before? Were you successful? What should I try next?

2 thoughts on “DIY: Growing Food from Kitchen Scraps

  1. shon szezendor

    I am doing the same thing right now , ive read garlic works too …I am trying it next .and yes ive clipped mine once and its growing back again.


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