Does it really work?

How many of these questions or statements have you heard?

  • Does it really work?
  • That coupon is for $0.50 who cares.
  • Why do you coupon? Just wait for a sale.
  • Big deal you saved $3.00 this trip… you going to retire now?
  • There are never coupons for things I use.
  • It’s a waste of time.
  • How much are you really saving?

I have heard all of the above and many more.  I have people telling me it’s a waste of my time and I’m not  really saving anything. So at the start of the year I decided that I was going to keep track of my savings.  Every purchase I made I kept track of  (all groceries, diapers, pet food, personal hygiene etc) I give myself a budget of $300.00 a month, which is $75.00 a week. I am a family of 5, with one still in diapers and every month I have left over money.

Total Shelf Cost: $832.84
Total Coupon Savings: $348.78
Total Discounts: $254.02
Total Savings: $602.80
Amount Paid $256.90
Savings Rate: 72.38%

So now you sitting there and asking yourself okay so how does she do it?  Well I’m going to tell you. It’s all in the planning, and changing your shopping habits

  • I search the flyers every week for deals that I can match up with my coupons.
  • I take advantage of store specials like 10% customer appreciation days.
  • I am a member of all store loyalty programs (Safeway, Sobey’s, Shoppers Drug Mart)
  • I plan my meals with things I have already and not necessarily what I’m getting this week.  (by this I mean, there may be a fantastic sale on pasta this week but pasta sauce is not so it wouldn’t be economical to have pasta then. Of course then you get the people saying well I just saved $1.00 on the pasta so I’ll just put that towards the sauce. Well you haven’t really saved anything then.)  I will buy a bunch of pasta to have in the cupboard and wait for a great sale on sauce.
  • I buy the fruit and vegetables that are on sale.
  • If I see a great deal on toilet paper or laundry soap I will stock up. These are things that are always needed. There will never come a time when we aren’t using these things.
  • I also stock up on non perishables such as peanut butter, soups, pasta, can goods, pet food.



I have to admit that it is hard to change your shopping habits at first, but now that I have the results in my hand I wouldn’t change the way I shop.  The meal on the left wasn’t the result of one shop. The pasta was bought months ago, and the sauce last month and I happened to be in Superstore the other day and saw the cheese 50% off.

Here is to another great month of savings!









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