Eggs and Milk Store Prices Comparison


Eggs From Walmart

Eggs from Safeway

Want to know where eggs and milk are cheapest? I decided to check out the prices of eggs and milk in several different Winnipeg stores and here is what I discovered.

Price comparisons for Eggs lowest to highest.

Shoppers Drug Mart Eggs Cost 2.99 for 12 or 2.49 each for 2
Walmart Eggs Cost 2.77 for 12
Eggs from Sobeys Cost 2.89
Safeway Eggs Cost 2.99 for 12

Eggs from Shoppers Drug Mart

Eggs from Sobeys


Milk from Giant Tiger


Milk from Shoppers


Milk from Sobeys


Milk from Safeway










Here are the comparisons for Milk prices from lowest to highest.

Shoppers Drug Mart 2% 4L Milk Reg 5.49 price free at 4.46
Giant Tiger 2% 4L Milk 4.56
Walmart 2% 4L Milk 4.56
Sobeys 2% 4L Milk  4.69
Safeway 2% 4L Milk 4.99


Mlik from Walmart

5 thoughts on “Eggs and Milk Store Prices Comparison

  1. Terri

    Superstore on Mcphillips, eggs are 2.63/dozen and 1 and 2% milk 4L are $4.56. sorry no pick. This was regular price from my bill last week. :-)


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