Flyer Matchups Fri May 31st – Thurs June 6th

coupon match ups

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How does it work?  Each store is listed and the best deals at each store.

Use your flyers to price match and get the cheapest deals all week.

Work in progress!

Giant Tiger

Country Harvest bread 2.00
Tide pods 12-25 loads and tide 1.17L 4.99
9 roll spongetowels 4.99
air wick spray 99cents
greenworkds 828ml 2.49
greenworks dish liquid clorox wipes 1.99
arm and hammer extra whintening 120ml 199 (price match and stack at ld)
arm and hammer baking soda box 1.00
VH steamers 3.27 1.00 off coupons, or 2.00 off coupons from VH booklets
healthy choice steamers  3.27 use bogo insert coupon
black diamond cheese strings 8 pack 2.99
350g highliner fish 2.97 various 1.00 off coupons

London Drugs
Purex scotties and sponge towels 4.99
ensure and boost 2 for 15.99
garnier shampoo or styling products 2.69 various stackable coupons
20% off neutrogena products, various coupons
20% off all aveeno adult skin care, various coupons
live clean baby 3.99
Select essie nail polish 8.99 (cheapest i’ve seen so far)
claritin allergy or sinus 6.99 various coupons
tylenol extra strength limit 2 8.99 varioucs coupons
reactine 6.99 various coupons
zantac 75 or 150 11.99 for 48s-60s various stackable coupons
childrends tylenol benadryl, motrin 5.99
40% off all jamieson vitamins
splenda 3.99 each limit 2 various coupons
caltrate soft ches or chewables 7.99 after in store coupon or 9.99 without instore coupon really good deal as this is normally 16.99
listerine 3.99
speedstick mens and womens 3.49 various coupons
irish spring soap body wash, softsoap body wash 2.99 various coupons
arm and hammer cat litter 4.99
dawn 3/5.00
swiffer wet jet or vileda pro mist mop 19.99
finish 48s/60s 8.99
windex, fantastik 2.99
lsyol wipes/gel 4/8.00
gain 24/32 uses 2/8.99
honey bunches of oats/fire one bars 2/5.00
peak freans, christie 4/10.00
wasa, triscuit 3/5.00
30% off miracle grow products, various coupons print from scotts facebook page
coke 2L powerade oasis juicse 10/10.00
jergens soap refill 2.59 after store coupon
coppertone suncare 6.99 in store coupon
dove products 2.99 lots of various stackable coupons

Listerine 3.99
Tresemme 3.99
dove deoderant 2.99
purex 8 roll 3.99
sponge towels 6 roll 3.99
wonderbread 1.99

3 DAY SALE ONLY Palm olive 1.99 limit 3, 2.99 12 pack coke pepsi limit 4, 4.99 vaseline spray limit 3

Shoppers Drugmart
40% off simple skin care
2.99 body wash dove
2.99 dove deoderant
tresemme 3.99
Stay free 2.49
99cent everyday market evap milk
jamieson vitamins 50% off
crest toothpaste and oral b floss and indicator toothrush 1.69
8 life brand paper towels 2.49
christie cookies and crackers 1.99
greenworks  household cleaners 1.99
dawn 1.99
janes chicken burgers or strips 7.99
cheerios 1.99
4L dairy land milk 4.49
international delight 1.99
dempsters buns hot dog and ham 2.49
every day market large white eggs 1 doz 2.49

2 day sale sun and mon only
speed stick nivea bar soap, liquid soft soap 1.99

cantaloupes 2.00
honeydew 2.00
pom 236ml 1.00
christie cookies 2.00
manns broccoli cole slaw or rainbow salad 1.00
giant mini red or yellow potatos 1.5 lb bag 2.00
pineapple 2.47
1lb clamshell strawberries 1.97
summer fresh dips 2 for 6.00 use 1.00 off coupons to get them for 2.00 each
boursin cheese 4.97 use 1.00 off coupon
12 pack amooza twist 4.00
janes chicken 7.97
green giant frozen veggies 2 for 5.00 Pretty much as cheap as they get
clorox bleach 2 for 5.00
renova paper twoel or bath tissue 4.97 use 1.00 off coupon
ziploc sandwich bags 2.97
lysol wipes 2 for 4.00
miracle grow plant food 8.68 use printable coupon from scotts facebook page
chapmans sundae 3.47 use 4.00 off coupon get it free, or 5.00 coupon to get overage and free!
So good or almond fresh 3.57
hellmans mayo 3.97 use 1.00 off coupon or stack DONATE TO LUNCHES WITH LOVE
Aylmers accents 1.25 use 1.00 off wyb 2
clamato 2.54 l 3.47
clover leaf salmon or tuna 2.00 DONATE TO LUNCHES WITH LOVE
beneful 6.27 use 5.00 off coupon
lady or mens speed stick 2.00
feria hair dye 9.92

Family Foods
Motts Clamato or Garden Cocktail 4 for 10.00 limit 4 GOOD DEAL! AS CHEAP AS THEY GET!
Jet puffed marshmallows 250g bag 5/5.00
kraft shredded cheese 4.98
melitta coffee 5.98 assorted 300g
cottonelle moist wipes 2.98 tup and refill 42’s

Price Choppers
Compliments coleslaw mix .95cents
Olymel chicken chunkies 8.95

dove bar soap 4 pack, body wash, baby wash hair care 2.97 limit 4
extra lean ground beef 2.98 limit 4
elmonterey taquitos 5.97 use your 1.00 off coupon limit 4
old dutch chips 1.97 limit 4
36 dobule rolls or 72 single rolls cottonelle bath tissue 14.97 limit 4
lysol wipes or all purpose cleaner 1.97 limit 2
glad solids 1.00 limit 2
air wick aroma candles, freshmatic refills etc 4.97
max scoop litter 5.00 limit 2
boost 7.97
flintstones gummies 6.97
head and shoulders or CLEAR 3.97 limit 4
dove secret or old spice deoderant 2.47
pediasure complete 7.97 limit 4

Sobeys  10% Tuesday on JUNE 4TH!
1.99 mc cain fries
country naturals chicken strips 9.99 buy 2 get 200 bonus points, some packages have 2.00 off peelies
catelli garden select pasta sauce 2/5.00 buy 4 get 100pts
catelli pasta 1.49 use 1.00 off coupon get it for 1.00
wong wing prdocuts 4.99 buy 3 get 200 pts
mega 3 eggs 3.49 buy 2 get 100 pts
DEGREE anti persperant 1.49!!!
3 day sale 1.88 pork side ribs, 1.99 hot house peppers, 2.99 kraft singles 500g limit 2

Christie cookies 1.88
black diamond cheese block 4.88
lysol cleaning products 1.99
sunlight dish soap 1.88
ziploc freezer or storage bags 2.49
Sorry guys really grasping for anything here 😛


purex 12 roll limit 4 4.99
heinz beans 10 for 10.00
heinz ketchup 1.5 litre 3.99
imperial margerine BOGO
gold fish crackers 5 for 10.00
wagon wheels BOGO
janes chicken strips buy 3 or more and get them for 6.99
duracell batteries BOGO
crest whitening toothpastes BOGO
nice n easy hair color BOGO
panetene BOGO
always BOGO
oral b cross action toothbrush BOGO
olay body wash BOGO
BUY 3 kelloggs cereal for 12.00 get one 4 l milk for free with coupon out of the safeway flyer

BOGO’s at safeway are lucrative because if you can find a safeway that will accept two coupons on both items the one you are paying for and the one that is free you get the first item even cheaper plus the second item free.

3 day sale extra lean ground beef 2.99 lb limit 4, 5lb bag of bananas 2.99 limit 2, coke/pepsi 2L 5/5.00 limit 10, eating right tortilla wraps 2 for 5.00, vidal sasoon buy 2 get them for 2.99, safeway apple juice 12 for 6.00 limit 12.


3 thoughts on “Flyer Matchups Fri May 31st – Thurs June 6th

    • Michelle Roy Post author

      I may be mistaken, I think there used to be 1.00 ones – they may be expired now. A few months ago I was stacking on mayo with lots of coupons :)

  1. Susan Froese

    Did everyone use there green works 1.50 off coupons at Shoppers and then scan their receipts with checkout 51 to get $1.50 back?? Sorry if someone already mentioned this!


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