Flyer Matchups May 17th -23rd

coupon match ups

Did we miss something?

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How does it work?  Each store is listed and the best deals at each store.

Use your flyers to price match and get the cheapest deals all week.

Work in progress!
Miracle grow 8.68 – use scotts coupons
Wholly guacamole, salsa 1.00
Bolt house carrots 1lb 1.00
Bulls eyes bbq sauce 2.00
Dempsters hot dog and ham buns 2.57
Honey dews 2.00
Pineapples 2.47
5 pack avacadoes 2.47
Asparagus 2.47 lb
Iceberg lettuce 1.00
12 pack royale paper towels 9.97 use your 1.00 coupon
elastoplast bandages 4.00 various coupons good for stacking at LD
Men or Womens degree 1.97 various coupons
Tresemme or Clear 4.66
Tylenol or Motrin for Kids 4.97 use printables

Giant Tiger
Beef Burgers 1kg box 2 for 10.00 limit of 6
Black diamond cheese slicse 2.97
Wonder bread hot dog or ham buns 1.97
philadelphia dips 1.97
purex bath tissue 5.99
Tresemme 3.99
Lady or mens speed stick 2.00

Pack of 3 romaine hearts 1.96
3 bell betters 2.46
hot house tomatos .86 lb
amooza twists 3.97
bassilis best lasagne or shep pie 3.98
mc cains superfries 500-2kg 4.97
international delight coffee whitner 3.98
parkay margerine 3.47
no name kidney beans or chick peas cans 5/4.00
Unico pasta 1.67
VH saucse 2.47
Minute maid juice or Fivealive .98
Men’s degree and womens degere deoderant 1.47 each limit 4
Stayfree and kotex 3.00
Gilette mens and Secret deoderant 2.00 each
Aveeno body wash 6.97
Bandaid elastoplasti 4.27

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