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Printable and mail out coupon links given out by companies online.

Store Tear Pads – Find paper coupons on the shelves with the products or at the front of the store. (Super Store)

Inserts – Thin promotional magazines companies hire to put out coupon advertisements. They are released on set dates in the local newspapers, fliers and sometimes magazines.

Free Samples –  Free samples requested on the internet often come with coupons attached! Don’t pass them up!

Give the Company Feedback – By sending compliments, complaints or inquiring for coupons to your favorite companies online or by phone.

Magazines – Clip coupons out of your favorite magazines such as Canadian Living, Readers Digest, GLOW (coupons for Shoppers drug mart points) Can be subscribed to online with 7,500 shoppers optimum points), Health Magazine at Superstore, Checking doctor’s offices and dentists via pamphlets or trial samples.

Swap meets and Trading online – Held regularly through online  couponing groups and forums.

Coupon Trains – Trade cross country via mail.  Are often run through facebook.

Recycle Bin Diving – Ask your neighbors for their coupons out of their blue bins.

On product packaging – Companies like to reward repeat customers with deals on the package to encourage further purchases of the same product.  Sometimes they’re in the form of cut out coupons, or peelies.  Sometimes it can be in the form of a pin code that you enter online to get rewards.

On receipt tapes – Fairly new to Canada.  Sometimes coupons are printed on the back of your receipt paper. Never hurts to check!  I’ve noticed this before on certain Safeway receipts.

On Bank Statements – Sometimes credit card companies will send offers along with your monthly statement.

Check your Doctor’s or Dentist’s Office– Often your doctor or dentist will receive coupons from the pharmaceutical representatives that try to get them to push certain products in their stores *ahem* I mean dentist and doctors offices. 😉

Fill out the Shoppers Voice Surveys
They will sometimes mail specialized coupons or email you with printable specialized coupons for you to use on products!