Getting down with the HEALTHY lunches

My husband has a bad habit.  He heads to work without having packed a lunch and then gets hungry and falls victim to the UNPREPARED syndrome – spending money on lunches and take out foods. Not only can this behavior quickly kill your extra income – but eating take out food is most definitely not healthy. At least not the stuff we typically pick when we  get “fast food”.

A few weeks ago I found these amazing little gems at Winners in Winnipeg but you could easily do this without the fancy box.  These ones cost 9.99 each and are two tiered – have freezer gel in the middle compartment and come with a nice little plastic bottle for your salad dressing. Alternatively you could use a reusable Ziploc plastic type Tupperware container and use an Mio drink container to store your dressing.

016 017

We’ve been taking salads to work and buying the fixings in bulk so that we can save on money.  Here’s what’s in his salad:

Mixed greens
Green Onions
Flax Seeds
Soy nuts
Dried Cranberries
Pepitas (unsalted pumpkin seeds)
Dressing is Newmans Only – bought with a coupon of course
2 hard boiled eggs

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