Piggy Bank Savings Female Half FilledBeginning to coupon can often be a daunting task as you’re standing in a large busy store surrounded by an environment that is ever changing and often unaccommodating.

Real couponers make a paradigm shift in their lives allowing them to change their buying habits in a way that maximizes their dollar.  The way to do it is to buy when the prices are at their lowest and to stock up on those items so that in the future you will not need to purchase this item.  The process of switching over to this way of thinking can take a while and a little bit of money investment.  But when you are finally able to have a decent stock pile that you can pull your cooking ingredients from you will be thankful when your weekly grocery shopping trip will only include fresh items like milk, fruits and veggies.  And even those items can occasionally be couponed for if you’re watching the sales carefully.

Always keep your flyers with you.  Buy the door crasher items that you will use in your home.  Stock up on them. Don’t go nuts, but buy a reasonable amount. Remember that you may not see these items on sale again for another 4-6 weeks. If it’s free then even better. You’ll feel a whole lot less guilty about buying more of it to save.

*Remember that space is important too. *

Learning coupon is difficult because it does take a little investment time and thought.  A lot of people get scared off by this.  This is my entertainment rather than going out to the movies or taking up another hobby. Although I do have some of those. Most peoples hobbies cost them money. Mine does occasionally but your  goal should be to greatly reduce your costs of living so that you have free income to spend on other things in your life.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to do.  With the creation of this website I really help that it will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for people to coupon because everything will be here in one spot for you to take advantage of.

Here’s how you should start:

1)  Be as organized with your coupons as possible.  Keep them organized in a binder in a tote bag ready to go.

2)  Get to the store and know what you want and need.  Make a list.  Have the deals written down.  Have the flyers with you for price matching.

3)  As you put items that you wish to purchase into your cart organize the coupons you have for each item into a separate bill folder or envelope.  I often would just use my pants pocket or coat pocket until I realized one day coupons were dropping out and disappearing on me.  I now use a smaller bill folder to keep the coupons together and organized until I get to the register.

4)  When you get to the registers pick a cashier that is having a good day – Look for one that is SMILING.

5)  If you are using a lot of coupons warn the people behind you that you have coupons so that they can choose another lane if they need to.  I often will go through my binder and offer coupons to customers in line behind me to make their experiences of couponing good one. There’s nothing like saving other people money – and putting a smile on their faces.

6)  When it’s your turn inform the cashier that you’re using coupons so as to prepare them.  Sometimes it’s nice to ask if they would like them all at one time.  Most cashiers prefer to take the coupon along WITH the item.  When I put my purchases onto the belt I often put the coupon with the items on the belt.

7)  Save your price matches for last or start with them.  It’s good to keep all your flyers, coupons and items you are purchasing together at the beginning or end of the transaction to ensure that you can be present and watching closely for cashier and register errors.

8)  Watch closely the process of your items being rung through and the manual redemption of coupons. Most stores in Canada do not SCAN the coupons therefore there is more room and risk for manual entry errors.

9)  At the end of the transaction thank the cashier for their patience and for putting you through.

Some tips for how to make your shopping stress free:
Shop at non peak times.
Shop with a girlfriend or another couponer.
Leave the kids and husband at home. (unless your husband favors coupons)