Things you’ll need

  • Zip up coupon binder (so your coupons don’t fall out)binder
    – Your binder should have large rings to accommodate lots of plastic sheets, D-ring binders work better than round ring binders.
    – Pick a binder with pockets for extra storage for pens and scissors, coins and awkwardly large coupons.
    -Always make sure that your name, phone number and address are easy to find inside your binder.  People have been known to leave their binders by accident and if you want to have any chance of recovery people will need to know how to contact you.
  • Plastic baseball card collecting inserts (holds your coupons nicely for easy finding) can be found at coin collecting shops, for purchase online and at Dollarama stores.baseballsheets
  • Envelopes (great for coupon trades or for organizing coupons for your shopping trip)
  • Ziplock bags (great for coupon trades or for organizing coupons for your shopping trip)
  • Tape (for taping your extra coupons to items on the shelves for coupon fairying, or for taping coupons to the products so that they’re easily accessible to the cashier during the checkout process)
  • Paper clips (great for clipping your coupons together when you’re stacking or for preventing coupons from slipping out of the top of your baseball card sheets)paperclip
  • A Note pad (for recording prices or noting deals that you find in the stores)
  • Plastic tub (great for at home to dump your coupons into so that you can keep them all together until you put them into your binder)
  • Paper slicer and/or scissors (for cutting coupons of course!)
  • 1 reusable tote (for keeping your fliers and binders in while shopping)
  • 1 nice pen (to keep in your binder)
  • 1 quarter, 1 loony (to keep in a pocket on your binder for easy access to shopping carts)scissors
  • Clear Page protectors to hold those awkward coupons and other info such as store policies
  • A colour printer with ink – VERY IMPORTANT! Many of the great deals found come in the form of printed online coupons.
  • Stamps – for mailing your trades (Buy P stamps so that you never have to add postage after stamps are expired)  A trick for getting your stamps at a reduced rate is to buy them at the year-end before their price increases.  Or to buy on special days where they have a 5% discount. This is sometimes offers at drugstores such as Rexall or even at Costco.
  • Post it notes – amazing little yellow squares of self-reminder, also great for shopping lists!220px-Quarter_Reverse_2010
  • For the Love of Coupon fliersOften people are interested in your couponing habits! They’ll see you with your binder/s purchasing items with coupons and they will be amazed. You’ll get asked if you’re on, “that couponing show”.  Go ahead give them a little flier so that they too can learn if they want to! Here is the link so you can print them out:

Binder Categories

  • Here are some of the ways that you can choose to arrange your coupon binders into sections.  Having a well-organized binder can really help cut down on time when you’re trying to find an coupon at the checkout or while shopping.I reserve a blank insert page or two for the coupons that I want to use immediately and for FPC’s.


        • dairy (yogurt, milk, butter, ice-cream etc.)
        • carbohydrates (breads, pasta, cookies, crackers)
        • fruits and veggies
        • breakfast products (cereals, cereal bars etc.)
        • snacks/treats (fruit snacks, chocolate bars, chips)
        • baking (flour, condensed milk, cooking oils etc.)




  • Juice, Pop, Coffee, Tea, (I usually keep these all pretty much together because I find that there are too few to organize into specifics.Beauty
    • Shampoo, Conditioner, Deodorant, Lotions, Make up, Hair Dye etc. 


    • Toothpaste,  Tooth brushes, etc – Vitamins, Drugs, Allergy Meds, Pain relief, etcHouse Hold Products
      • Detergents, Cleaning products, Kitchen stuff

    Infant Care

    • Diapers, Formula, Shampoos, Lotions, Children’s pain relief


Store Policies Section

Include a section to keep stores policies so that when your cashier doesn’t know their policies you are prepared provide information. The more informed and confident you are in knowing the store policies the easier it will be for you to coupon.


There are other Organizational Options!

If you do not want to use a binder there are a few other ways of organizing your coupons for shopping. Some people use a bill fold or a small coupon organizer. You can usually find these at office supply stores, or at places like the dollar store or Walmart.  Another way to organize your coupons is by putting them into envelopes for your shopping trip.  Sometimes it may be easier to purchase a plastic tote or tub with a handle and organize your coupons a bit like a filing system using envelopes or dividers to break up the categories of coupons.

Other Tips

Some people organize their binders not by section but by what coupons are expiring first.  The reason I suggest against this is because if they are organized that way there is more pressure on you to be buying not what you NEED but to redeem the coupons that are expiring next regardless if you need that product or not.

Think about writing the expiry with a pen on the front of the coupon so that when in the baseball card sheets you will have no problem knowing when it expires.