Getting the MOST bang for your $$$ 10% off Tues May 7th 2013 Safeway vs Sobeys (Winnipeg)


My favourite shopping day of the Month!

At select grocery stores the 1st Tuesday of every month is known as:

Customer Appreciation Day ~ Canada Safeway
10% off Tuesday ~ Sobeys West
**Participating stores only

While both stores have are widely considered to be somewhat “pricey”
there is an excellent opportunity to stretch your grocery dollar
on this one shopping day every month!

In this month’s edition, I’m going explain how to best determine whether you should shop exclusively at one retailer or split your shop based on your needs.

If by chance you are lucky enough to have some FPC’s (Free Product Coupons)
in your Coupon Binder or Folder or High Value coupons.  Your best bet (month over month)
is to shop at Sobeys!

Let me break it down for you:
At Sobeys you receive 10% off your total before coupons!
Including your FPC’s !


See my 10% off ?!?
My pretax total was $62.30
10% discount was $6.23
After all my coupons and 10% discount my pretax total was $19.08
after taxes my final total was $19.73 and I bought 22 items!
The savings from the in-store price that day was just over 69%!

Just one example of how much farther that 10% can stretch your budget
when applied to your pre~coupon total!

Unfortunately I don’t have a recent Safeway receipt to compare to…

At Safeway you receive 10% off your AFTER coupons!

So if your pretax total was $62.30 and you had $43.22 in coupons
*** your 10% would only come off of the $25.31  after coupons and club card discounts.
Now here’s the tricky part…  bc your after coupon total is only $25.31
Well  BELOW $35 min purchase
you don’t even qualify for the 10% discount!   So already you are out A MINIMUM OF $6.23 ON THIS SHOP!!!

This is WHY I do Flyer Match Ups..  Matching coupons to flyers and seeking out the better deal, to determine where it is best to shop month over month

This  month it really depends on  what your needs are!
Personally I will be doing a split shop bc Safeway has BETTER deals: BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE)
offers that are on this week!, while Sobeys offers me a better value  for my FPC’s  & HV coupons!

With the available coupons there is great potential for 70%+ savings on many Staple Household Items…

You can follow our outlined deals here:

Safeway  (Fri May 3rd ~ Thurs May 9th)
+10%   Family Day Tues May 7th WUS $35+
** MAKE ANY PURCHASE FROM MAY 7th ~9th and RECEIVE a $10 OFF SAVINGS COUPON) **    (if  you don’t have the flyer handy)

While not all BOGO offers are a DEAL, being able to use coupons and the 10% overall discount can sweeten the deal immensely!

Select Kelloggs  Cereals are B2G2 FREE,   if you have any FPC’s/Coupons your best deal is to get your cereal at Safeway,  as there is the potential to get 4 boxes of cereal for FREE!!! 
**Taxes only   or at least steeply discounted!

Barilla Pasta  this week is a BOGO at $2.20 ea  that  may seem steep but watch how is works out to  be the better deal!
There are $0.50  & $0.75 coupons out there.  Using a combination of these (2x $0.75)  you could potentially get both pkgs of pasta for as little as $0.35ea
Suddenly seeing that $2.20 box shrink down to $0.35 should be enough reason to stock up and maybe even donate to your food  bank of choice

Love Old Dutch Crunch Kettle Chips?!?  Normally $4.19 a bag a Safeway right now is on sale for 5/$10 or  $2  a bag!
It gets even better!  Right now there is a $2 WUB 2 Peelie on product in~store, making each bag when bought in 2’s $1  ea!!!
If you spend over $35 in your shop – 10% so only $0.90 bag!  You can’t even but the 45g bag for that little

Nivea Bodywash is also a potential freebie IF you have 2 of the $3 Coupons (Websaver/Magazine/Print) that are out there right now
even if you only have 1 coupon you can still get 2 for about $3  (Cheap Cheap)

In the Scrubbing Bubbles line there is a product called Fresh Brushes! Currently on for $3.99 use your $3 on box coupon to get it for $0.99
and then use your $2 refills coupon to get a 6pk of refills for $1.99 (I use 1 brush a week do that’s 6wks of clean for  $2.98 (both items)
There are also other SB products that are on BOGO  this week use your coupons or FPCs for even greater savings!

There are many instore Club Card discounts and  Clearance items (Meat/Dairy etc) at 30/50% off that bring additional saving esp when you coupon on top !

When  you are frugal you can save that much more by shopping the Clearance areas.
In term’s of Fruits/Veggies, Dairy or Meat it all comes down to where you hold your value!
What I try to do is use my “a bit savings” that shop towards my fresh fruit and veggies when I can.
For example if you’re  willing to pay $5 for a steak and  you have the option of picking up a  reduced pkg for say $3.50 (30% off)

You now have an additional $1.50 towards other purchases.

 The trick is to know your item’s reg sale price/ the current flyer price and what coupons you have to make it a better deal for yourself.

Sobeys MEGA PONTS EVENT  7345pts avail in flyer   (Fri May 3rd ~ Thurs May 9th)
+10% Family Day Tues May 7th WUS $35+

Sobey’s flyer is somewhat WEAK  this go around, there aren’t many spectacular deals….
However I have many FPCs/Bogo’s and High Value Coupons that will make  it worth my while! 
**IF the products are in~stock…

Pork Side Ribs are only $1.99lb or $4.39kg  (very good deal, better with the 10% off)

Gain Laundry Detergent $4.99 – ($2.50 WUB2) = $3.74ea  (Not a bad price, $3..40 after 10% a little more than I’m usually willing to pay)

Delissio Pizzas $5.99 – ($2 Goodhost Labels) = $3.99  (that 10% starts to add up only $3.39ea)

Chocolate Milk 1L  4/$5 – (10%)= 4l for $4.50 or $1.25L  (Very reasonable for Choc. Milk)

Again its all about knowing the worth of your Dollar.

For my shop though, It will be my FPCs approx $100 that save the day!  As I will earn $10 (10%) towards my other purchases from them alone… Same goes for my BOGOs I have at least $60 that could earn me yet another $6 off of my total towards other purchases…

That’s $16 MORE that I will have to work with and leaves me very little out of pocket (Taxes only on the FPC’s) and half the BOGO so do the math
$160 in products for $30 and taxes out of pocket, already an almost 80% saving (not to mention my 7x points offer)

IF i were to stay strictly to my list and all was in stock, this would almost be a money making trip!

~ Michelle Louise ~

2 thoughts on “Getting the MOST bang for your $$$ 10% off Tues May 7th 2013 Safeway vs Sobeys (Winnipeg)

  1. aLaNa

    Thanks for the article. I always thought you still had to have at least $35 total after coupons at Sobeys. GONE SHOPPIN’!

    • Michelle Louise

      YVW :) Nothing better than earning 10% on top of your coupons!
      Hope your shopping trip went well :)


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