Grocery Brag! Paid only 24.10!


I shopped at Safeway and at London Drugs to get these really great deals.  The apple juices were on sale 12 for 6.00 at Safeway per club card holder – I used my moms card to get the second set of apple juices as they don’t really shop often at Safeway.  The Campbells was also a good deal at 5.99 for a case of 12 soups.  I won’t pay more than .50 cents a can soup or apple juice as my golden rule.

The rest was all purchased stacking coupons at London Drugs for a total of 5.63 with taxes.

In total for all of this I paid: 24.10.  I saved 40. 37 in coupons alone at London drugs.  Your money goes a lot further when you shop the sales and stock up.

This is how I do my shopping.  Apple juice is normally 1.00 a carton at least and so I will use this amount of apple juice over the next few months and not have to purchase it anymore.  The idea is to have a small stockpile of items I can pull from so that when it goes back to regular price I am still consuming it when I only paid .50 per carton.

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