Hair Chalks – Thanks to Failed Scrapbooking


Everyone seems to be colouring their hair with these trendy hair chalks lately.  Take part in the latest rage but don’t get ripped off.

I love the latest fashion trends and thought it would be fun to have temporary hair color stripes in my hair using hair chalks.  I’m cheap and didn’t want to splurge for a temporary color fix so I tried out my scrapbooking chalks on my hair. They basically work the same as hair chalks do and are likely exactly the same product. I also wanted to test and see how they’d work on on DARK colored hair.  It makes no sense to buy a product if you’re not sure they’re going to work first!

Here are my results:


If you’re not a failed scrapbooker like and and don’t have chalks laying about you can check your local craft stores, Dollarstores but don’t spend more than about 5-10.00 to buy a pack of chalks!

Here is also a really great HOW TO for getting darker colours in your hair.  This was without using any kind of water. Just simply rubbing the chalk on my hair.

2 thoughts on “Hair Chalks – Thanks to Failed Scrapbooking

  1. Courtney

    I got the hair chalk off of a kijiji deal for $20. Only way I would buy it :) Looks like the work identical!


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