How to make leftovers into YUM! BBQ one day Egg Burrito Wraps the next!

So we had my parents over for a BBQ yesterday and we landed up with a lot of left overs. I had made veggies on skewers and then roasted them on the bbq.  I got this great idea to take the left overs and slice them up and re purpose them into a new meal for the next night.  Here is what I came up with.


I chopped the left overs into small pieces. It consisted of bell peppers, onions, marinated pieces of beef, tomatoes and mushrooms.


Used 4 eggs and scrambled them in a bowl with a dash of milk to make them fluffy.  Added them into a hot pan sprayed with Pam and and cooked them up.


Layed the cooked egg mixture over a piece of cheese (I like using the Kraft singles because they get all melty, but you could use real cheese too which would be a bit more healthy)  The hot eggs cause the cheese to melt. Then I put a line of salsa down the middle.


Make this baby even a little more healthy – throw some spinach leaves in!


How to roll the burrito? Fold the bottom up first.


Then wrap it like a baby in a blanket! YUM.  This was a delicious meal!

Be frugal and makes sure your leftovers don’t go to waste. There are always creative ways you can re purpose them.

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