Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Making your cupcakes in ice cream cones is a really great way to have young kids eat cupcakes because there is no wrapper to peel off. I recently made about 90 of these for several classes of nursery school kids and wanted to share the idea with you because they’re pretty cheap and tasty to make.

I purchased 1.00 box cake mixes, 2.00 Duncan Hines white icing, and 1.00 boxed ice cream cones and used sprinkles to make a really pretty packaged cupcake. (All purchased at Walmart)

Fill the ice cream cone cups to about this height and set them on a pan to bake in the oven.


They’ll rise nicely to about this height.



I used a butter knife to ice them with the pre mixed frosting and dropped sprinkles onto the fresh icing over a bowl to catch and reuse any run off sprinkles.


Cupcake Army!
Hope you enjoyed this fabulous idea for making fun and easy cupcakes!

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