LOVE IT or LEAVE IT – Best Value Pizza Pouches


Ok I admit it. I’m pretty picky when it comes to products. I don’t often try new products but having a place to review and provide my opinion on products has helped me reach out and try some new things to offer reviews on my blog.  In no way am I endorsed by the companies in my reviews unless otherwise posted and am not paid by the stores in any fashion.

Best Value is a brand that is carried by Giant Tiger.  I recently purchased this pack of 8 Pizza Pouches for 5.47 (regular price) in hopes to see if they compared to the more expensive brand Pillsbury pizza pops.


This is a photo of the frozen pizza pouches.  At first glance they really look the same as the “Brand name” version.

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Here is what the pouches look like when fully cooked in the microwave.  And the pouch opened on my plate.
They tastes fairly similar to the Pillsbury pizza pops. The only difference that I noticed is that the breading or the dough was drier compared to pizza pops and that this pizza pocket maybe had a little less flavoring or spices.  It could have used a little more pepperoni but the cheese was nice.  On the box they boast that they are made with Canadian cheese, which is a nice touch.

Is it worth it?

I think they’re worth it to purchase, I would buy them again.  Price wise they are not far off from Pillsbury pizza pops when they are on sale.  So buy these when Pillsbury isn’t on sale and buy Pillsbury when it IS on sale.

All in all I was pretty happy with this product.  I’d buy it again.


One thought on “LOVE IT or LEAVE IT – Best Value Pizza Pouches

  1. Shirl

    When I cook either of these up in the microwave, to avoid them popping open, I heat them up for a minute or just under on one side, then gently flip them over and heat up the other for a minute or less. Good to watch them because once they start oozing from the sides, they could literally pop and break open as shown in the photo above.


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