LOVE IT or LEAVE IT: Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief

I had a discussion with my dentist this week.  He noticed how very sensitive my teeth were when cleaning them and I commented how the sensitivity toothpaste I was using didn’t seem to be working.  He then went on to explain that there were only two toothpastes left on the market that were truly effective at reducing (long term) the effects of severe sensitivity.  The two chemicals that you want to look for in the medicinal ingredient list are Arginine.   The arginine blocks the tubules in your teeth preventing painful sensitivity – and it builds up on your teeth for long term protection.  Strontium chloride is another effective agent in blocking the tubules in your teeth.  Most toothpaste companies have replaced this ingredient with potassium nitrate which only works to calm the nerve – not provide the barrier to prevent future pain (and in my opinion is less effective).

sensitiveproreliefI promise you I am not being endorsed by ANY toothpaste companies – but I really like Colgate Sensitive Pro-relief. My dentist provided me with some samples and after only 3 uses I have noticed a significant reduction in the pain I get in my teeth while eating cold, hot, and sugary foods.

The original Sensodyne formula also had Strontium chloride in it as well. So make sure that if you’re going to spend the extra money to protect your sensitive teeth that you’re actually purchasing a toothpaste that has the right ingredients in it to help you out!

If you’re wondering why Strontium chloride was removed from MOST toothpastes please understand that it is a toxic ingredient and can be harmful if swallowed.  Please note that it remains LOW on the scale of toxicity.  But if that scares you then you can always rely on Arginine. With any drugs – even in tooth pastes you still need to be careful.  And please note that this recommendation is only that. You should still discuss what toothpastes are best for you with your dentist.

I thought it was important for people to be aware of what they’re getting when purchasing a Sensitive toothpaste.

Colgate Sensitive Pro – relief in my books: LOVE IT!

Do you have sensitive teeth? Do you find your toothpaste is working to relieve those symptoms? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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