LOVE IT or LEAVE IT: Egg Creations Maple French Toast Blend

001I recently purchased this French Toast mix in hoping it would provide a quick and easy meal idea for weekend breakfasts for our family.  We opened it and made french toast early in the week using about half the product for a family of 3 and then today opened the product again to use the remaining amount only to find it had curdled and gone bad.  I mean – it was open for less than a week in the refrigerator – today is only March 17th and the best before date on the container is April 19th.  I’d hate to see what this stuff would look like on April 19th!

The product itself was delicious but it didn’t last long unfortunately.  If you’re able to use up the entire carton in one shot for a large family breakfast of french toast I would recommend this product but if you can’t use it all in one go I would really have to tell you to LEAVE IT, and use fresh eggs instead adding your own ingredients such as milk, maple syrup, vanilla, maybe some freshly shaved nutmeg.

Would you LOVE IT or LEAVE IT?

4 thoughts on “LOVE IT or LEAVE IT: Egg Creations Maple French Toast Blend

  1. M

    Did it actually go rancid? or was it just maybe one of those products that needs to be re-shaken up to be dispersed again?? Maybe it was still good?

    Maybe to use it all in one shot, make up excess french toast, and then freeze leftovers to pop in the oven other mornings for even quicker french toast. :)

  2. Tiffany

    from what i understand on the other boxes it says to use WITHIN 7 days after opening not sure if this was the case with u

    • CouponMaven Post author

      We did return to it within 7 days of opening. I’m still a little disappointed. I contacted the company and they said that often what happens is if the product is left unrefrigerated at any point that it quickly shortens the shelf life. I am going to “do over” this product as they’re sending me a free product coupon. So I’ll try it again and we’ll see if it keeps.

      • Lili

        Hi Michelle,

        I haven’t used the french toast mix but I do use the egg white or eggs in a carton and I actually freeze the leftovers right in the carton and pull it out to use again. I’m not sure if this would work for this product.


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