LOVE IT or LEAVE IT: Maple Leaf Portions Bacon

Maple Leaf Bacon Portions.  This is what the package looks like.   I gotta say that when I opened the package I was severely disappointed. I get and am aware that bacon is a fatty product but this is what my bacon looks like in my pan.

As you can see there is virtually NO meat on this bacon at all. The red bits are the meat and all the rest of it is COMPLETELY fat.  Generally when I buy bacon I do expect it to be fatty but this is a bit much don’t you think?  I think that maybe 5% of the strips  are meat.  Don’t get me wrong. Not all packages are like this. I have had this bacon before but how does this pass quality control?

I don’t think I’ll be wasting my money on this bacon again.  And I will surely better more thoroughly check my packages in the future to ensure there is some meat and not so much fat.

I’ve contacted the company and am hoping they may offer to replace the package so we can try again.  Not sure if this is supposed to be normal looking bacon.

This product?
LEAVE IT!  Buy a different brand.

13 thoughts on “LOVE IT or LEAVE IT: Maple Leaf Portions Bacon

  1. Teressa Bignell

    mine was pretty much the same. & personally for the price, I’d rather buy a full pack of bacon & divide it into portions to freeze myself.

  2. holly

    I picked up a pack recently with my FPC too since they expire in a few days – haven’t opened it though. Guess it was a fail with Maple Leaf trying to promote a new product. When I’m disappointed with something I picked up using an FPC, I don’t call for another FPC, doesn’t seem ethical, so I just avoid the product.

    • Susan

      If you don’t call to let them know why you won’t buy it again, how will they know?

      Even if they offer to replace it with a coupon for another package, you can say no, or donate the coupon to your local food bank.

  3. shallon

    i used my FPC to purchase this a lil while ago – and personally i feel that for the cost of it – it is a waste – especially if i am feeding my family – i had used one half for a casserole dish previous and then my son wanted bacon with supper – so i decided on bacon and eggs – i only fed my 5 & 7 yr old this dinner and there wasnt enough bacon in the portion to satisfy them… so just on that alone it is not worth it – i still have 2 coupons for the $2 off that expire on the 30th and they will be going to waste unfortunately because it is not even worth saving the $2 on them if i am not happy with them at all!! and i will agree – i found them very fatty and not a lot of meat…

  4. Emily

    I didn’t find this to be too bad of a problem. I also had a few FPCs from family to redeem., and I looked at every package on the shelf to find ones that I was happy enough with.

  5. Delane

    I tried it and loved it! The perfect amount for us and no mess or part packages that end up going bad, or we cook it all and eat way too much of it. I picked through them and the ones we had were full of meat.
    My kid who moved out loves them too, perfect size for him and he can grab a stick and take with him on his surfing trips.
    I wouldn’t pay full price for them ever, but for .97 each I filled up.

  6. Sharon Zag

    I cooked my first package today, after finally finding it at Walmart. I would never buy this bacon as it is ridiculously over-priced! My $2 coupons will be going in the bin. I cooked mine in the oven, and my cookie sheet never seen so much bacon grease.

  7. Nicole

    In the short few months this product has hit the coolers, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the price fluctuate. As high as $5.98 and as low as $2.44 (West Coast). Definitely picked up a few packs at the $2.44 price point, using both $1 and $2 off. I also have quite a few fpcs I need to redeem w/in the next few days. With that being said, I’ve also seen the bacon discounted 30% (at the highest price point) only to be pulled from the cooler because the pretty pink sticker failed to entice savvy shoppers. This product is overpriced and I would not be surprised it were discontinued.
    That aside, the promotion is a poor one. “Never waste bacon again”, seriously? No one in their right mind wastes bacon in the first place.

    Epic fail Maple Leaf, epic.


    I AGREE, i didnt use my coupon because it looked very fatty compared to other’s so i let my coupon go to waste.


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