LOVE IT or LEAVE IT: Play Mobil Toys

023I don’t often come across Kids toys that I’ll pay an arm and a leg for. But I have to sincerely tell you all that Playmobil is WORTH EVERY PENNY.  I love the complex and imaginative sets that come with countless pieces and accessories.  I came across this castle set at a toy store that was going out of business and scooped it up for 40% off. It was a great once in a life time kind of toy deal!  As long as we’re careful not to lose pieces this will be a family heirloom that Evan will someday be able to pass down to his children.

I remember my parents buying us a Play mobil set which was a gas station that came with countless people, tires, gas pumps, bikes, luggage and more.  We had hours of enjoyment with that toy and now Evan plays with it at Nana and Papa’s house.021

I am not generally the type of person that buys a ton of NEW toys just because I know that I can get them at a used price for cheap at garage sales and thrift stores.  If you can find Play Mobil on sale – or even a used set they really make fabulous gifts.

So I can’t say it enough. LOVE LOVE LOVE Playmobil!

2 thoughts on “LOVE IT or LEAVE IT: Play Mobil Toys

  1. Mae

    personally, I don’t really care for toys like this. It doesn’t leave much for children to use their imagination. Save your bucks and go for loose parts materials (rocks, sand, empty tissue boxes) It’s probably from personal experience because I didn’t have toys like this growing up lol 😀


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