LOVE IT or LEAVE IT: Soda Stream Review with video demo



My husband and I purchased the Soda Stream Machine today at Home Outfitters in Winnipeg. The machine was marked down from 179.99 to 129.99. I used the remainder of my contest winnings (I won a 250.00 gift card to Home Outfitters in a contest last month) to purchase the system and additional syrups.

The clearanced system included the 2 little bottles, one big bottle, carbon cartridge and sample pack of syrups and the large syrups were purchased at 6.99 each.




How does it work? You fill up the plastic bottles with cold water and then twist them onto the carbon injecting machine.  The machine doesn’t use electricity or batteries just pressure to inject the water with carbon from the cartridge stored inside the unit.  You give it 3 shots of carbon into each bottle which produces enough fizz in the water for your carbonated beverages.

Then you can use the purchased syrups to give your water flavour – or you can even find recipes online to make your own syrups. I promise that this will be something I explore on this blog in the near future.

Check out the video to see how it works:

What do I think of this product? I think it’s pretty awesome!  It’s worth it if you like to drink soda pop but I wouldn’t listen to people who tell you that you’re saving the environment by using this product.  I hear that a lot. They claim you’re keeping bottles out of the landfill but I really don’t think it honestly makes that huge of a difference. This product can be pretty pricey so if you can get it on clearance even better.

When your carbon runs out you can take it to London Drugs and return the old cartridge to get 15.00 reimbursed towards the cost of a new refilled one which costs around 30.00 CAD.

If you can make your own natural syrups for this – it could be so exciting some of the neat combinations you could come up with.

I give this product a thumbs up!  Tell me how you feel about it and whether or not you’ve tried it out yet.

So far I didn’t really like the taste of the Cream Soda syrup (doesn’t taste like cream soda to me)
We’ve really enjoyed the Cherry Koolaid, and Diet Root beer ones so far.


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