LOVE IT or LEAVE IT – Vitamints

001I received a gift of these Vitamints from a sweet girlfriend of mine who brought me a treat after running around all day organizing for my sons Birthday party.  I was delighted. I have never had the opportunity to try Vitamints before.  She knows I’m always low an energy to do my recent health concerns so she purchased the Energy kind.

They contain 60 free Sugar  free tablets and they’re very minty. Yum.  This particular Energy mint contain

Coenzyme Q10 7.5 mg
Vtamin B2 .5mg
Vitamin B6 .61mg
Vitamin C 25mg
Vitamin B1 .6mg

I was a little skeptical at first but the extra vitamins really can’t hurt.  Would I buy these myself? Yes! I think as a treat I would.  The only downside to these I think is that the lid on the container really doesn’t stay closed very well in your purse.  So don’t ask me for my mints because they’re now fell out of the tin pursey mints.

What a coupon!? Yes Please.  Get your printable coupons here:


Do you Love it or Leave it?

2 thoughts on “LOVE IT or LEAVE IT – Vitamints

  1. Cara

    You’re welcome! I love mine too! They totally freshen my teacher coffee breath, and give me a nice pick me up mid afternoon without resorting to coffee.
    My lid is difficult to open, but I also just keep them in my cardigan pocket. I would say, a total must have!!


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