Making my own style of dream catcher

I often find amazing ideas on pinterest and get inspired to try them myself but with my own twist. The boost in inspiration and motivation is welcomed when I find myself in creative rut.

Here is how I made my dream catcher:


You can click on the photo to enlarge it.

You will need a metal hoop for making the base of the dream catcher. I also purchased a white round doily out of the Michaels Arts and Crafts cheap bins at 1.50.  I took the doiley and stitched it to the hoop folding the edges over the metal hoop and affixing it on tightly. Then I chose various collected beads, wood, charms, shells, feathers, stones to tie on using lace, beaded strands, embroidery floss, ribbon etc.

It’s a neat project because you can put all sorts of items you’ve collected into it.

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