Welcome to the Red Top Restaurant located at

219 St Mary’s Rd, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (204) 233-7943




We sat down in this busy restaurant and were instantly greeted with 2 glasses of water.  We placed our drink order and food order and the food literally was prepared and brought to our table in UNDER 5 minutes.  I was very impressed with the speed and service.  The waitresses are friendly and all seem to have a good rapport with their customers.

I love the carnival-esque acrylic menu they have as you can see above Jason in the photo above.

025The restaurant had the feel of an old diner.  Old wood paneling, old booths, a coke clock on the wall, glass ketchup bottles and plastic drinking glasses.  I appreciate that you can see into the kitchen and the work spaces of the staff and that everything was kept fairly clean and tidy.



I ordered the Lot-o-burger plate for 8.09, which came with their delicious French fries and coleslaw.  The french fries were heaven some of the best I’ve had and the coleslaw was not the creamy kind – it was lightly coated with vinegar and was honestly a perfect addition to the burger.  I wish I could have tried the chili on it’s own because it on the burger it was difficult to single out as it’s own flavor.  The burger was really very tasty. The buns were fresh too!


Have you ever seen a man love a burger so much he nearly cried?





Here is a shot of the outside of the building.

The prices were fairly reasonable.  All I can tell you is to skip your regular fast food and upgrade to THIS place.  The service, the food just CANNOT be beat.  This place puts present day fast food to SHAME.

They have a great assortment on their menu from Gyros to Salads, Chicken, Burgers, Veal and Ham steaks, Sandwiches, Pies and Ice cream , Beer, Wine, and even breakfast served till 10am.  They also have a takeout menu!

Here are their hours:
Mon-Fri 8-8
Thurs-Fri 8-9
Sat 8-8
Sun 9-2

All in all I give this place a rating of 9/10!
The next edition of Peg city dinner review will have more format to it.  I will be giving a rating along with more detailed information about the cleanliness, washrooms, quality, quantity of food and more.  Hope you enjoyed the review!

3 thoughts on “PEG CITY DINNER REVIEW – Red Top Restaurant

  1. Frugal feline

    Absolutely the worst fries I have been served, couldn’t chew them, tough and hard…they were floating in 10W30 oil. Horrible, couldn’t eat them.


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