Welcome to a new fun section of the Manitoba Coupon Maven blog.  As you all know that part of what I find interesting about Winnipeg is the variety and all sorts of aspects that make up our culture and life in Winnipeg. I’m not only about saving money but like to explore what Winnipeg has to offer to it’s residents.

This new section of the blog will be a critical restaurant review blog.

I’ve noticed that there is a huge gap in Winnipeg restaurants lately between excellent service and appalling service and between really great food and food that you regret eating.  I want to give you my own personal insight into the restaurants that I eat at and offer a sort of review.

I plan to cover it all. Food trucks, dives, cafes, fancy dinners, popular restaurants, fast food places.  And to show you the highlights of our journeys to the best and worst of restaurants in the city along with our experiences.

Hope you enjoy what is to come in the future of the PEG CITY DINNER REVIEW.

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