Pinterest: What is it and why am I obsessed?

pinterstPinterest is a website that allows you to browse “pinned” items or ideas that other people have posted.  These ideas include recipes, craft tutorials, party ideas, exercise tips – just about anything you can think of. It’s jam packed and condensed awesome ideas and if you know how to use it right and get lost in it like I do you will have a million projects on the go like I do.pinterstfunny

When I’m bored I turn to pinterest to inspire me, to spark my creativity. There are always a million wonderful ideas on there to pin to my own board to keep for later.  It just shows when you connect the minds of creative people you can get some really interesting things out of them.

Definitely check out this worth while site.

Businesses are also starting to use pinterest to advertise their items and run contests. There are “pin to win” contests where if you re-pin the items businesses post to your own board you get entered to win their prize.

You can check out the hundreds of ideas I’ve posted to my boards here:


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