Recycle a plastic bottle into a cellphone or ipod recharge station!

Here’s a great little craft you can make that is actually really useful around the house.  This little plastic contraption is perfect for holding your cell phone or iPod while it charges and doesn’t take up any room on your counter because it’s all contained to the bottle. Take an Aveeno bottle, or any plastic bottle really that has a flat-ish type back and a flat bottom.


I washed out the bottle and peeled the labels off of it (there is some sort of glue residue under the plastic label so you can scrub it off with a scouring pad and some dish soap)


Carefully use a strong sharp pair of kitchen scissors to puncture a hole in the plastic bottle. Use this hole to cut from and cut the whole TOP off the bottle.

Image of the back of the holder.

I used a sharpie marker to draw out the design I wanted cut out. As a rough guideline.  The sharpie will scrub off with soap and water after.

Image of the front of the holder.


Cut it out.  The front is a pocket the back has a square hole for the socket to go through.


Here is the finished product.  The iPod sits in the little bucket, and the hole hangs off the plug by the outlet to hold the entire thing up.


Here is what it looks like without the iPod in it.  If you find that the cord collides with the iPod too much use a plastic bottle that is longer than an Aveeno bottle. Like a Johnson and Johnson bubble bath or baby wash bottle.

Credit has to go out to another blog/pinterest on this one. I can’t find the original pin.  But if someone can link me that would be fabulous. Thanks all.

One thought on “Recycle a plastic bottle into a cellphone or ipod recharge station!

  1. nancy

    Same idea can be applied using a 2 liter pop bottle and cutting it down to be used as drip catcher if you use those large rubbermaid style cooler despensers. I pinned it on pinterest as I thought what a great idea!


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