Saving Money at Easter

easterThe holidays are another time of year where stores take advantage of our emotional investment to our families and to the holiday and over price and put things in our faces that are impulse buys.  When Easter candy and new items come out before holiday times I avoid that section. I know that I can find better deals on these items elsewhere with careful planning.

If you make a paradigm shift and change your purchasing behavior you too can save some money on these expensive items so that you can fill your children’s Easter baskets on the cheap.

Here’s how to do it.

1) Buy at the end of the Season and stock up.  See some fun fillers on the cheap when they’re blowing them out after Easter?  Pick up these items on clearance and think ahead to next year.  I have a big plastic tub in the back of my closet and it contains all the little nicknacks and things that I’ve purchased cheaply for future holidays. It is my go to on a rainy day, when I need a new “car toy” for entertainment on long trips, as a reward for my child, or for Christmas, Easter or Valentines days.   Great places to check for Clearance merchandise after the holiday are places like Walmart, Rexall, Superstore, London drugs.  Just keep in mind that chocolate DOES have an expiry date.

2) Use coupons to your advantage.  For example Bulk Barn which offers a large variety of candy often has weekly coupons dollars off their items when you purchase a total amount.  Here is a link for 3.00 off when you buy 10.00 worth of product at Bulkbarn. This will allow your dollar to go further. Their Easter selection on candy is awesome.  The coupon expires March 28th so make sure you get in on this one.

Buying bulk in this method is the PERFECT solution for Easter egg hunt candy filler.  Buy the wrapped candies (or unwrapped and put them in your Easter eggs.  (if they’re un wrapped have your kids empty the eggs after the hunt and put them into a ziploc bag so that they stay fresh afterwards.

3) Thrift it.  Thrift stores are my ultimate go to for cheap and inexpensive books and toys.  There are always a surplus of Seasonal books in the book section which makes the perfect addition to any Easter basket.  They also sell gently used bagged toys, and seasonal decor.  Your 3 and 4 year old will not realize that their new toys are not in brand new packaging. Trust me.  Garage sales are also a wonderful asset.

4)Think ahead. Planning it out ahead of time is always key.  If you have a little extra money to do it, it really pays off in the long run.

5)I know this is an Easter post but CHRISTMAS SHOP NOW.   It will save you tons of money to be on the look out for items at great prices and sales for this coming Christmas season.

6)Don’t go overboard. Your kids don’t need 50 little junky plastic toys in their basket. You know they are going to get lost, broken, stepped on and only appear as clutter in your house anyways. Focus on the things that count – get quality over quantity and be selective about what toys you allow come into your home.

7)Hit the dollar store but BE SELECTIVE.  Dollar stores are great places to buy on the cheap.  But beware – remember that you need to still get good value for that dollar.  Make sure you’re still getting good quality.  Buy brand name chocolate at the dollar store but avoid candies and chocolates that aren’t because the quality is much lower.

8)Skip the card.  Cards are a huge money maker.  You don’t need a 5.00 card to say Happy Easter.  If you can’t skip the card – take the time to make one yourself.  It’s a great way to show the person you really do care and actually put time into the sentiments that are written on the card.   Cards often just get thrown out or recycled anyways. Money in the toilet in my opinion.

9)Family dinner.  Purchase your Easter dinner items the first Tuesday of the month on 10% off Tuesday. Buy your turkey but don’t pay more than 99cents per pound.  Buy your cranberries for jelly on sale and freeze them in the freezer. When you make them into cranberry sauce they tastes exactly the same and TASTE BETTER THAN CANNED.

If you save up sobeys points a great way to spend them is at holiday time when you need a little extra cash to feed more mouths.  It’s a good time to spend your Sobeys points to pad out your wallet.

Have any other tips for us? Please feel free to leave a comment. I would love to expand this post with more information as people provide suggestions! Thanks!

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