Sobeys Customer Appreciation Day 10% Tuesday Shop

Customer appreciation Sobeys Shopping Trip.

As you all know I love to head out and do my grocery shopping on the first Tuesday of Each month. In Manitoba if you spend over 35.00 you get 10% off your entire purchase before coupons, and then they take your coupons off after that.  I always save my FPC’s for this day because your money goes further using them when you get the 10% off first.

You can see I spent a total of 104.81 and gained 545 Sobeys points. Not including the online points that take a few days to show up from my Sobeys Club offers.

I saved a total of 17.09 by shopping today because of the 10% off.  I saved about $51.81 with JUST COUPONS and FPC’s.
019(On the Left photo)  I sat down and went through the flyer and wrote down the things that I could get that were on sale for a decent price and things I needed.  This doesn’t always mean I buy everything on the list. For example when I got to the store and saw how small of a clam shell of blueberries you get for 2.99 I left it behind.

(In the right photo) – I also took the time to log into my Club Sobeys account and add the new offers to my account so that I could combine my big shop with the bonus point deals there too.  So I wrote all these down to see if I could work them into my grocery bill for a reasonable price. If I couldn’t I left them behind.

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