Sobeys Taste of the World Contest


Collect all 4 stamps for each map location in Sobeys new game to win 1 of 6 fantastic trips or other instant Sobeys prizes.  You receive tickets when you make a purchase at your local Sobeys location between April 5th and May 16th 2013.  You can earn Bonus tickets when you use your Club Sobeys Card, Use your BMO Club Sobeys Mastercard or purchase the weekly featured BONUS Game Ticket Items.

Enter your pins online also to get extra entries!

9 thoughts on “Sobeys Taste of the World Contest

  1. Gregory Doll

    Very dissappointed in your web page set up. I searched to no avail for the location of the area to enter the pin # for theTastes of the world contest. Not impressed!!!!

    • CouponMaven Post author

      The tastes of the world contest has nothing to do with my website. I am not running it so it’s not hosted here. I only provide the information where you can participate. Click the link in the blog posting to get to the website to participate.

  2. Geraldine Blain

    I, too am very disappointed with “tastes of the world contest” In order to enter a pin number to participate it’s nowhere on this page and it should be! especially in the home page area. very mickey-mouse!

  3. Suzanne

    I to am disappointed every time I go to the store and there is someone ahead of me who is NOT playing the cashiers throw the tickets out!! How many have they thrown out and have there been a number 3 discarded.
    Kind of discouraging:(


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