A very well organized stockpile (not my own)

A very well organized stockpile (not my own)

Stockpiling is creating a store like area in your home where you store the extra purchased products that you are not using right away.  Please keep in mind that you do not get the VALUE back from the items you purchase until you actually consume or USE the product.  So don’t go overboard with hoarding your purchases.

Choose a storage space at home and set yourself some limits.  For example – when this row is filled up with pasta sauces I will not be allowed to purchase anymore.  Or I have 3 deodorants in stock for each family member who uses deodorant and I will not allow myself to purchase more than that.

You really don’t need any more than that!  Space is valuable in your life too.  No matter how little you are paying for the items.  If you find a really amazing deal on items think about purchasing items for gifts, or for charity purposes – as long as they do not see any kind of storage in your home.

Places that can benefit from couponers:
Charities such as local food banks – nonperishable food items, infant formula
Men’s and Women’s Shelters  -personal product items etc.  deodorant, clothes, socks, tooth brushes, toothpastes
Local Daycares and Afterschool programs, Schools, Drop in Programs/Centers – craft supplies, hand me down toys, snacks, juice boxes, etc.008
Pet Rescue Shelters – newspapers, bleach, cat and dog food.

A lot of people ask me what my own personal stock pile looks like.  And I’ll be honest, I try NOT to stockpile too many things because we lack the room required for a really decent stockpile due to our home size.

I stockpile certain things that I know I’m going to use in the future such as toilet paper, facial tissue, paper towels, laundry detergent, in wash sprays. These items all get stored in my front hall closet above our jacket storage.

Our food storage 009is in a few places. The over stock items that we aren’t using right away are above our kitchen cupboards.  I store things like sauces, soups, salad dressings, extra cereals, coffee, cake mixes. I also keep bottled dish soap in this area because it’s close to he sink.

All our beauty and personal care supplies are stored in our hall closet on two tiny shelves.  You can see that the top shelf is beginning to bow with the weight of all the shampoo and conditioner.  I try really hard not to shop beyond these areas of my home and you can see they’re pretty full.  In order to put something new in we have to use up something else first.  Please excuse my messy towel storage!  The only other place that I store extra items in my house is under my “ugly” couch.  Under the couch we store bottles of pop, pasta sauces, canned goods, boxes of garbage bags.    No one ever suspects they’re sitting on their dinner. Haha.

Remember that you aren’t realizing the savings of the couponed items you are storing until you actually consume them.  Your spaces are precious just as saving money is too!