Swagbucks is a really interesting website that allows you to build up points to use towards all sorts of fun items in their redemption program. I have been actively “swag bucking” daily since November 2012 and have already received about 60.00 in gift cards to put towards book purchases!

How to win swagbucks:

1) Do the daily poll. You will receive 1pt daily for this.

2)Click through the NOSO ad’s.  You will receive 2 pts daily for doing this. (You don’t need to purchase anything to get the points, just click through and view the advertisements)

3)Do your daily internet searches through the swagbucks toolbar.  You will often win swagbucks by doing so.

4)Install the swagbucks toolbar that attaches to your browser – you will earn 1 pt daily for this being installed.

5)Watch videos on swagbucks.  For every 10 videos you watch you will receive 3 swagbucks. It’s simple to click and watch the videos while you’re doing something else.

6)Fill out surveys. For each survey that you successfully complete you will receive around 60 swagbucks! Great way to earn points fast. Check daily to see if there are new surveys to fill out.

7)Play games. Swag bucks actually has some pretty addictive games on their page.  Play from a wide assortment and win swagbucks when you do so.

8)Make purchases through swagbucks. If you buy from certain websites, magazines etc you will get a 1-2 swagbucks per dollar that you spend. If you wait until special days sometimes you will receive more swagbucks than that.  I sometimes purchase magazine subscriptions this way but will wait until they offer double the points for doing so.

9)Check your Swagbuck mail daily.  Sometimes they send you video links to click and you will earn points by watching them.

10)Get active on their Facebook page. Sometimes they will award points as winners to contests they hold on their Facebook page.

11)Do their tasks. They are usually time consuming and confusing but if you can figure them out it can be a good way to earn some points.

12)Fill your daily goal bar.  If you fill your daily goal bar of swag bucks you will earn extra swagbucks. I rarely if ever get this many in a day.

13)Play swagbucks on Fridays when they have their double Swagbuck days.

14)Invite your friends to play and invest some time in getting them started.  For every friend who signs up and plays you can earn up to a total of 1000 swagbucks per each referral that is active.

I hope this guide helped you out and that you can earn yourself some cash or gift certificates. Thank to anyone who takes the time to sign up under my referral code.