Water Beads – Home activities for Kids


These fun little beads you can purchase off ebay.  Please make sure your kids aren’t eating them and they need to wash their hands after playing.

They can be searched out on ebay as Water Beads.


You submerge them in water and they grow!


Wait a couple hours and they grow to this size!


They’re fun to play around with.  And if the beads and a water bucket aren’t enough fun for you there are a million different ideas of activities that can be done with these water beads on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=water%20beads


Fun to use to hold up bamboo plants too!

If you’re really brave – you can actually make your own.

One thought on “Water Beads – Home activities for Kids

  1. Amie

    I think they may sell these beads at Walmart.
    They use these beads in drought communities. So they will retain water when they have it and will then let water go when it needs it. (Saw at a science fair) its interesting!


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