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I have had a long time struggle with my body weight and personal body image.  I hope that this new section of the blog can help me and others to gain self confidence and to explore dressing my body in fabulous pieces so that together we can grow into ourselves and be happy health and contented!

I have always been a frugal shopper. I really don’t enjoy spending tons of money on couture or brand name clothing because I can do just as well on my own purchasing items at a much lower cost.  Being able to do this allows for me to happily expand my wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Really loving some of the new options for clothing at Target.  This is me wearing a long pink swan top purchased at Target for 24.99 and a glass blown flamingo necklace purchased on Ebay for about 15.00.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Frugal Fashion!

  1. Anne

    Love this! Clothes seem to be the thing i have a hardest time spending money on especially when i don’t feel good about how a look, so i am super excited for this and ideas on what to buy for cheap that will look good!
    Thank you!

  2. Shirl

    Yes I agree with Asheley, those colors do look good on you. Something I’d like to add. I love shopping at Value Village (or as some of us girlfriends call it the “V.V. Boutique”. Some things I have to buy as originals from other stores, but I always try V.V. first. They carry everything from clothes, housewares, car accessories, electronics, loads of kids toys and clothes, shoes, and the list goes on. It’s like going to a different store each time I go there because they never can keep any one item there for long as it gets sold so fast. In fact yesterday they had their 50% clothes sale yesterday.

    I’m not a brand person but one of my girlfriends is and she’s always finding brand name items from clothes to shoes to handbags, etc, so she knows the actual price and what V.V. charges. It’s like a steal. I spoke to a couple ladies over the years that say they only buy their shoes there because of the same reason re the brand names, many times rarely used or as they call it gently used, and/or actual brand new shoes at dirt cheap prices.

    Also, a cashier told me that over the year stores after they’ve cleared out their inventory and are getting ready for the next season, will bring their products to V.V. I’ve seen that myself because many clothes with tags or the same items with tags. Well we know that any one person doesn’t buy the exact same item but in just different sizes.

    So an option to try.

    • Michelle Roy Post author

      I’m a huge fan of most of the things at Value Village too. But just like anywhere else you have be informed shopping there. In my recent trips I’ve noticed their prices going up astronomically. Love thrifting and am hoping to do a lot of future blogging on it! Thanks for your comments :)


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