Ziploc Space Bags: LOVE IT or LEAVE IT?


The clothing in the bag before sucking the air out. Bag itself seems very durable, seal and lock do not.

So I received a sample of Ziploc Space bags in the mail to try out.  So I gave it a shot. I often buy Evans clothing a year a head or so in sizes that are way too big for him. So I put a bunch of these clothes into the Ziploc space bag for storage.  Almost immediately and with no real forcing the Ziploc white tab sealer that you zip across the bag to seal IT JUST FELL OFF.


All I could think when this happened was, “CRAP”.

We’ve all bought ‘those’ lousy Ziploc bags before. The one with the zipper and I have to throw out those bags countless times with the zipper because basically a toddler with a feather could simply knock it off the bag.  We just don’t purchase that type of bag anymore in this house because they land up in the landfill rather than storing my precious items.

So after fanagling the zipper back on I found that it no longer zipped the bag up anyways so I inched along the plastic pushing it together to get it to seal. Not fun.  I finally managed to get it to seal shut.  I took the vacuum cleaner hose and sucked all the air out of the bag and snapped the lid shut again.  That part is MEGA fun.  I’ll admit it. There is something special about making your clothing MUCH smaller in a bag for storage that I find attractive.  They look like they’re being sealed for consumption almost LOL.

004Here is the after shot.  I don’t know for the cost of these bags I really feel that they aren’t worth it.  I mean it would be great for long term storage – to keep moisture, bugs, dust out.  But then do your clothes come out looking like a pile or wrinkles anyways?  And honestly it didn’t save THAT much space.

You get a couple of these bags in a box and they generally cost around 19.99.  Is it worth it? I really don’t think 20 bucks for plastic bags are worth it.  Nothing that my free Glad garbage bags can’t handle.  I think I’ll stick to having my clothing folded nicely in garbage bags stacked nicely into my Rubbermaid reusable tote bins.  You can put ANYTHING in those and they’re a quality produce that doesn’t fall apart in your hands.  Spend the money on totes instead.

My opinion.


What do you think? Do you LOVE IT or LEAVE IT?

11 thoughts on “Ziploc Space Bags: LOVE IT or LEAVE IT?

  1. Terri

    Thank you Michelle, I think I will leave it, unless I fell across them for a super cheap deal with coupons, I will pass and use some heavy duty garbage bags. Thanks so much. Sorry Ziplock. I still love your freezer bags the best of all the companies though…lol.

    • Michelle Roy Post author

      They did send out a 5.00 off coupon with this. So if you wanna risk it….I still think 15.00 is still a lot of money for something I could simply pack nicely into a rubber maid tub in garbage bags…

  2. Tashia

    Another thing you have to remember is that these bags tear along the seams REALLY easy after they have been sitting around for awhile. I have tried them and eventually I got rid of them all. I also found that they didn’t hold the air out that long…more of a hassle once they start to expand after to you have ‘put them in storage’. Perhaps do a test Michelle and see how long they actually keep everything condensed…it would be interesting to hear! :)

  3. Ann Freele

    I have used variations of this type of bag in the past. I have yet tried the Ziplock one that I was sent. The clothes( at least in the others) do not come out wrinkled .
    And one thing to note, your bag of clothes is way too full. There is a fill-to line at the top which allows for the bag to close easier

    • Michelle Roy Post author

      The clothing was up to the fill to line when I put it in but doesn’t look so much that way when I sealed it. I had to seal it with my finger tips because the zipper fell off. Even before I put anything into it.

  4. Atarah Taylor

    When I travel I always buy the XXL knock off zip lock bags from Dollarama and squish the air out. It is awesome on those trips to the states when the pesky kids take up precious cargo space. 😉 I think you get 2 for 1.50. I’m sure they aren’t the same size as what you received but they hold quite a few pieces of clothing.

  5. Katz

    Wow … I have not tried these particular Ziploc bags, but I have tried other ziploc space saving bags and quite frankly I LOVE them. When I can put 2 or 3 comforters in a bag, suck out all the air and easily slide it under a bed or in the closet (taking up very little space!!) that’s great. And honestly I don’t find , even when I store clothes and delicates, that there are many wrinkles when removed. If I can’t shake them out (if there are any) then I will pop them in the dryer on the air cycle for 5 mins. I probably won’t buy this brand of these bags, but I honestly think I will continue to buy space saving bags. (I usually get them on the shopping channel, a set of several bags , different sizes for a great price).

  6. Jeannie

    I got this in the mail today. Personally, I try not to keep too many clothes on hand. We have very little closet space and as a military family that moves a lot we condense every time we move. However, I am going to try putting our queen size duvet in the bag and see how it does. We use it only seasonally and it takes up heaps of space. Thanks for feedback! I am excited to at least have gotten a sample to try.

  7. CarrieP

    I have not yet found a bag like this that keeps the air out long enough for long-term storage.

    When I got my free sample of this bag, I put two brand new pillows in it. It’s already taken on some air, and I had issues with the ‘zipper’ falling off too. So, not the right tool for long-term storage, but I might use it for travel/moving.


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